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Custom Label stickers FAQ

Q1:What details required for a custom label stickers quotation by Beyond label?

Q2: What label artwork specifications required by Beyond label?

Q3:What kind of materials can you print on?

Q4:Is there any minimum order limit?

Q5:What is your delivery time for my labels?
Q6:How long it will take for the shipping to my door?
Q7: How many payment options you provide?

Q1?What details required for a custom label stickers quotation by Beyond label?

  A?For an accurate quotation to your custom label stickers, please advise details as below:

        Material: adhesive paper,PP,PE,PVC,BOPP, clear or white? If you are not sure,please advise where your label stickers will be applied to.


        Printing  color?

        Surface finishing: glossy or matt?Whether the surface needs to be laminated?

        Packing: roll or Sheets

        Cut shape:

         Design: if have.

         Applied place/usage:

Q2?What label artwork specifications required by Beyond label?

  A?We accept the artwork format in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe software,Coreldraw, high resolution PDF etc.
  Our strongly preferred format file is an Adobe Illustrator file with all fonts converted to outlines, as this is the format we process your artwork for film output.If you are not clear about the font outlining process, please contact us.
  Besides all fonts outlining , the artworks also are required to have full bleeds and layout. A full bleed is when the color "bleeds " off the label.If your label design or background color is intended to cover the entire surface of the label, please note that we need a 0.0625''  bleed beyond the trim size of your label. For example,if you have a 2''×1'' label where the color bleeds off the edges,you should size your design to 2.125''×1.125'' as this ensure as a 0.0625'' bleed around the trim size.

  It's also wise to leave at least 0.0625''of clear space(i.e. no significant design elements or text) inside the die-cut line to allow for slight shifts during die-cutting.
  For label sticker printing, image mode and resolution are extremely important to ensure correct color and clarity. All raster(image based) files need to have resolution of 300 d.p.i at actual size. Our process handle CMYK and Pantone color -all RGB images will be converted , which can cause extreme shifts in color. If in doubt, we could offer you a digital printed proof , which allows you to see hoe the finished labels will look before going into production.

Q3?What kind of materials can you print on?

  A:We carry over a dozen labeling materials for you to choose from,including mirrocoat paper,woodfree paper,thermal paper,kraft paper,white /clear PE,PVC,PP,PET,BOPP, silver/gold foil, fluorescent paper etc. These labels with different adhesive could meet your requirement.

Q4?Is there any minimum order limit?

  AIn theory, there is no min. order limit. Beyond label will strive to be as flexible as possible. The only concern is that since our printing machine is flexo label printing machine, there are fixed cost for film output,printing plate making ,die-cutting mold making and materials used to adjust machine,color etc.No matter your custom labels and stickers'  quantity is 1pc ,1000pcs,10,000pcs even 1,000,000 pcs, the fixed costs are the same. So the more quantity you want, the better unit price it will be.And for the small quantity, we also will try our best to keep our best price to you.And according to most of our customers' experience, for normal sticker, our price for 1000pcs normal labels stickers in CMYK color plus the freight to your country is also much better than the that from your domestic supplier, and the quality is 100% guranteed.

Q5?What is your delivery time for my labels?

  A?A typical production time for an order is 3-5 business days folling proof approcal and deposit made; however, the time varies with the volume and size of the order. Contact us for more accurate production time for your order.

Q6?How long it will take for the shipping to my door?

  A?By courier, such as FedEx/DHL/UPS/TNT, it will take about 3-8 working days. By air, it will take 3-10 days. And if by sea, it will take 15-40 days to reach most destinations in the world.

Q7?How many payment options you provide?

  A?-Wire Transfer
        -Online payment (Paypal, ESCROW)
        -western union